Solve Black Screen Windows 7

Posted in 20 August 2011
by DareDeviL

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

been dealing with windows 7 screen suddenly black, without knowing the cause?
do not directly concerned to follow the following trick.

As we all know, the black screen windows 7 in because of genuine problems. Such as fitting out pirated update, yet on his windows 7 activation, etc..
To issue its own update, I've memeritahu bloggers, do not download much less install the update KB971033, can be troublesome consequences. hehehe

Create a blogger friend who is black desktop screen due to already installed KB971033, follow these tips.

    1. Open the control panel, then go to the updates.
    2. Click the Installed Updates in the bottom.
    3. Then find the file update "KB971033".
    4. Click Uninstall, retart PC / notebook you.
    5. Run Windows 7 loader.
    6. Click install. Wait until the activation process is successful.
    7. Restart the PC / Notebook you.
    8. Done.

How come? Hopefully this tutorial article useful for other bloggers. Thanks,,

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Download Windows 7 Loader 1.93 by DAZ

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