download Empires 3

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by DareDeviL

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Download Link MF

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



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Download Rise Of Nations Full Version With CD Key

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Satu lagi game yang akan menemani serunya aktivitas harian kalian, apa lagi dikala kamu sedang bosan , Rise of Nations adalah permainan komputer real-time strategy, dikembangkan oleh Big Huge Games dan dipublikasikan oleh Microsoft pada 20 Mei 2003. Rise of Nations menampilkan 18 peradaban yang dapat dimainkan selama 8 zaman sejarah dunia (Sumber : Wikipedia).

Rise of Nations is a historical real time strategy game from Big Huge Games’ Brian Reynolds, designer of PC game classics such as Civilization 2 and Alpha Centauri.
Dominate 6,000 years of history from the Ancient Age to the Information Age. Which forces will you deploy to lead your nation to global prominence? Trade, espionage, diplomacy…war? Whichever path you choose, you’ll experience the pulse pounding thrill and speed of real-time gaming combined with the epic scope and depth of turn-based strategy games – brought together for the first time ever in Rise of Nations.
In Rise of Nations, you'll create new cities, improve city infrastructures and expand national borders. Conquer foes through military might using everything from sling-shots to cannons to stealth bombers to nuclear weapons; corner the market on key commodities and consolidate power under your rule; wheel and deal across time with history's eminent cultures.

Rise Of Nations file split into 5 parts, bloggers need to download the file to five (part1 s / d part5) and then merge back to using winrar. Once extracted, you will find the file "Rise Of Nations.iso". Due to its file. Iso, then you must mount (can use Daemon Tools) first iso file so that they can perform the installation.
happy play game :-)


Download Rise Of Nations Full Version IDWS :

*Link di atas telah di revisi dan dapat kembali di download

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Download Angry Birds Rio Full Versi

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by DareDeviL

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Funny Game Birds Angry fans that some time ago already I share? Maybe blogger can try newest version, the Angry Birds Rio v1.1.0 Full Patch Serial. There are some improvements in quality in this version, please check,,,


Angry Birds In Rio there are several additional characters that are not encountered in previous versions, gamers were not always confronted with the enemy pigs, but we will often destroy the cage to free the birds that were captured by the evil birds.

 Angry Birds RioFor graphics quality, I see Angry Birds Rio v1.1.0 is the display is sharper, although not too significant. 

Angry Birds RioAngry Birds Video Trailer:

System requirements:• Windows XP/Vista/7• 1 GHz• 256 MB RAM
Ways Angry Birds Rio v1.1.0 activation using the patch and serial:

1. Angry Birds Rio Install v1.1.0
2. Do not run before his Angry Birds Rio v1.1.0, close it.
3. Copy and paste the patch file to the folder where you install angry birds. Example: C: \ Program Files \ Rovio \ Angry Birds
4. Right-click the patch file, run as administrator (Windows Vista and 7)
5. Click the patch, wait until successful and done.
6. Run Angry Birds Rio v1.1.0, then input the serial.
7. Done.
IMPORTANT: For Windows Vista and 7, the patch file must be run with "run as administrator". Angry Game Birds Rio v1.1.0 (Special version download link Angry Birds Rio v1.1.0 Full Patch Serial) should be in the patch first, and the serial input.
UPDATE: Since many of the difficulties let activation full version, then I was angry Make rio birds already full version (no activation).
UPDATE (06062011): Those who experienced the error "was not found/msvcp100.dll MSVCP100.dll missing" or AppUpWrapper.dll is missing, please download the file it under. Both files are stored in C: \ WINDOWS \ System32
Download msvcp100.dll (fixed link) 

Download AppUpWrapper.dll

INFO: If you've downloaded both files but still error, I suggest you download a version of "Angry Birds Rio v1.1.0 Full Patch Serial".Create a version that uses the full version but there is still an activation message, please direct serial input is "Thet-ALEV-LEFR-USWO".
UPDATE (24062011): Angry birds already released the newest version, the Angry Birds Rio v1.1.1, please Download Here

Download Angry Birds Rio Full Versi :

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Solve Black Screen Windows 7

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

been dealing with windows 7 screen suddenly black, without knowing the cause?
do not directly concerned to follow the following trick.

As we all know, the black screen windows 7 in because of genuine problems. Such as fitting out pirated update, yet on his windows 7 activation, etc..
To issue its own update, I've memeritahu bloggers, do not download much less install the update KB971033, can be troublesome consequences. hehehe

Create a blogger friend who is black desktop screen due to already installed KB971033, follow these tips.

    1. Open the control panel, then go to the updates.
    2. Click the Installed Updates in the bottom.
    3. Then find the file update "KB971033".
    4. Click Uninstall, retart PC / notebook you.
    5. Run Windows 7 loader.
    6. Click install. Wait until the activation process is successful.
    7. Restart the PC / Notebook you.
    8. Done.

How come? Hopefully this tutorial article useful for other bloggers. Thanks,,

Password :
Download Windows 7 Loader 1.93 by DAZ

ref :

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SEO Lanjutan

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?Based on, SEO is a series of processes carried out systematically aimed at improving the volume and quality of traffic through search engines to visit certain web sites by utilizing the mechanism of action or the search engine algorithms. The goal of SEO is to place a website on top position, or at least the first page of search results based on certain keywords that are targeted. Logically, the websites that occupy the top positions on search results has a better chance to get visitors.

Along with the growing use of Internet as a medium business networks, the need for SEO also increased. Being at the top of search results will increase the chances of a web-based marketing firm to get new customers. This opportunity is utilized a number of parties to offer search engine optimization services for companies that have a base of business on the internet.
the process of optimizing the amount of traffic to your website through search results.The point is this: the majority of people, starting a process of exploration in cyberspace through Search Engines such as Google. Suppose you want to look for answers on "how to change the features of wordpress to blog comment thread as the forum". What do you do? chances are that you do is:
   1. Opening
   2. mengketikkan keyword "changed comment to the thread" in the search box
   3. Clicking the box "search"
   4. voila, 10 links to dozens of pages of search results from the search appear in front of you.
   5. Then, you also menilih link with a description of the most suitable for you from the tenth google link provided, then mengkilik link.
   6. If no matching search results, you will click on the link "next" or start a new search with different keywords.

Well here is the role of SEO. because most people usually only open the first page or a maximum of up to five search page, simply put, SEO is the attempt made displays web pages in the first page of search results.Then, Why SEO Become Important?The majority of Internet users are still using the same pattern with which I mentioned above: Do a search through the search engines as a beginning exploration of the data in the realm of the internet and started down the link after link to websites that displayed by the search results page (SERP - Search Engine Result Page). Cultural phenomenon of the use of these search engines do not create a reality that can not be denied that appear on the first page for keywords that are often searched together with an abundance of traffic.
Not SEO and SEOalmost all the people who are new to the world nyemplung SEO - SEO is simply equated with getting a # 1 ranking for a website on Google.But the real SEO is much broader than that. There are three main steps in the SEO process:

1. Like any other business, you must define and identify your target audience (target market). Here you not only specify the purpose of making a website and describes the audience profile, but also monitor the competition / competition and evaluate what is needed in order to 'dominate' a particular sector or niche that you are applying.
2. You perform the steps necessary to make your website get the highest possible ranking in search engines for key words (keywords) are frequently used target audience of the website. This step includes the things you have done to the site itself (if you create a new website should make sure that the site is search engine friendly from the start). Then this step also includes various activities off-site which aims to create another website to link to your website.
3. You monitor the development of your website in search engines is constantly or continuously and perform various adjustments on SEO strategies in times of need.
It should be noted that SEO is not an online activity aimed at generating traffic / visitors (or promote) your website. Strange with this statement? Try to understand again.

What is NOT SEO

* Online advertising (online advertising), which is to buy promotion to get traffic from other sites is NOT SEO. This is a promotional site (site promotion) even though the purchased promotional link may help in the search engine rankings.
* Public relations (press releases, advertisements in mass media, a review of the blog) is NOT SEO. Again this is a promotional site, which might generate links to your site.
* Create a website that exploits a weakness in the search engine algorithms in order to be ranked # 1 for selected keywords in a short time is NOT SEO. This is search engine spamming, which I will not discuss further.
* SEO is not a trick to get so many thousands of visitors to your site within 24 hours.
* SEO is not always free - several effective SEO techniques would cost.
* Making books and e-book and give it away free to visitors of your site is NOT SEO.
But most of the activities above SEO CAN NOT be part of SEO strategy if you want to do it that way. Do not forget that SEO itself is generally one part of a larger strategy to promote your site. Separate and understand more promotional activity other than activity if you are a professional SEO.

Search Engines IndexAlthough it is important to understand how search engines 'read' a website and store it in the index, for us SEO experts are more relevant to know how to keep our site can be listed in the search engine index.There is only one way 'right' to our website quickly indexed, and how it is:Got a link / links from other websites that point to our website (make link building).The way that "not true" is; using the registration form (inclusion / submission form) on the search engines, using software that "guarantee" your web site listed in search engines, pay for spammers who offer services for your website listed in 100 + search engine ...Overall it was a waste of time and cost. Avoid these ways, and do not use the submission form on the search engines.Why?Because making your site indexed by search engines is easy IF you know how.And what do I get links from other sites?There are several ways to get links to your website easily and for free (many more ways if you want to exit costs) where the new site will be indexed in Google within 2-4 days since the first online and in a matter of hours or even minutes after receiving link.Note: At the end of this SEO guide you will find many articles about link building at the launch phase of a new web site. To understand the search engine and get the best inbound links to your site, know one thing; 

Crawling FrequencyCrawling is a term used to describe the behavior of the bot / search engine spiders (bots short for robot) is a computer program that serves to 'read' site. Robots or 'spider' harness is a link to move from one site to another - that's why you need a link to your site.Crawling frequency is the value that states how often a site 'read' by search engines. This frequency depends on several factors, but there are two main factors you should consider:

1. Freshness / freshness (how often the site content is updated)
2. Site importance (how many links are linking to the site)
If you get links from sites that is updated frequently, it could be assured that links to your site will be quickly found by the "spider" and of course the result of your site indexed is a popular site for professional bloggers - updated every day and have tens of thousands of links linking to it from various websites and other blogs.Just one of link to your site will make the search engine robots soon discover the existence of your site.

Another example:Article direcory such as are usually updated several times a day (with many new articles are uploaded every day) and had thousands of incoming links (inbound links). Send an article to directories like that (and done correctly) will make your site indexed quickly.There are many free or paid software that makes article submission to hundreds of article directories on the internet. By submitting articles, you not only get quality links from article directories, but also there is the possibility of other sites will pick up and load your article, which result is more of links 'pointing' your site.Examples of pay:Yahoo Directory ( is an online directory. Fare pairs of links in that directory for $ 299/tahun, certainly not a low cost for most of us.The advantage is worth the price. Listed in Yahoo Directory (the process takes a week - because you are on-site review was) not only ensures that your site indexed in all search engines, your site's ranking on the search page will also boost (especially in Yahoo, which also lists the directory contents on their search results pages and give more priority to the sites listed in that directory).

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

if you need an explanation about SEO please refer to the fine article, Search Engine aka search engine on the Internet is one of the media campaign that is very profitable, by using search engines then your product can be found by Internet users seeking information related to product you. To maximize the promotion on search engines, there is a technique that can optimize the search results to your website so your website more easily found and can certainly increase traffic to your website which can be converted into sales and profit, the technique called Search Engine Optimization, or commonly abbreviated to SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of optimizing a website in search engines (search engines), so that the website / blog and optimized maximum benefit from the optimization results.
Doing SEO Advantages A question arises, "then what good did it do in search engine optimization?" The answer is because in general as much as up to 90% of blog visits originate from search engines so that search engines are so beneficial to get traffic without spending a huge cost.
For example say you have a website selling ebooks about online business tricks, then you use the way campaigns use the banner in classified ad sites with a monthly fee of Rp 1.000.000, - (1 million rupiah), and from the banner you managed to bring in 1,000 visitors per month that where on average every 5% of reservation requests and payment transactions, aka 50 people. If the price of the ebook USD 100,000 thousand dollars that month then you generate 50 transactions x Rp 100,000, - = Rp 5.000.000, - then your profit is: 5 million - 1 million = 4 million per month.
By performing search engine optimization we can bring in 1000 visitors (even more) by issuing a relatively small capital. Imagine if the promotional use of banners and use seo then the profit would be multiplied together:)
Types of Search Engine Optimization To perform the optimization there are two factors: internal factors (the web) and external factors (outside the web). For internal factors do optimization methods such as by making the design / look good and user friendly and quickly accessible, taking into account the alias keyword density keyword density on the article, removing links error on the blog, use appropriate fonts for each usability (eg in the header H1, H2 in the title of the article) and so on. For ways can be done externally by creating and publishing fast and hot topics being sought by the public on the Internet, increase links, promotions, etc. reproduce.
Sign on the first page of search engines, or better yet become the first in the keywords that are sought after by people is a distinct advantage, because usually the search engine users will click on the top search results so that the visit will be a lot coming from there.
Me and SEO SEO is one of the "subjects" of my favorites on the internet, if the calculated I spent about a dozen million dollars to research and learn the techniques of seo, the result? must satisfy two times I attended the biggest seo contest in the country is on SEO Contest-hosted by Joko Susilo and SEO Contest organized by, thank God I always get into the top 10 list of winners from approximately 1000an participants, the results I obtained the prize sponsor of the parties, be it cash, ebook, vouchers and course reputation:)
Sciences seo course I apply to do business online, blogs and stalls that I have most of my optimizations so that it can compete in search engines so that it can reduce the cost of promotion is far cheaper to bring visiter and of course bring profit.
Until now, seo is interesting because from what I know, there are hundreds of Google's algorithms that determine the position of our blog in the SERP (search engine result page) aka rankings on search engines, but Google also frequently make changes to the algorithm so that there is a challenge for perform search engine optimization on Google.

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4 best SEO tips and tricks

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 SEO is an interesting thing to run, because doing website optimization for search engines to compete in a challenge for SEOers.
So many seo techniques are scattered on the internet, ranging from seo techniques that are truly powerful until seo myths are still believed and practiced by most netter ...
So what is the real key to seo it? Are there any secrets in it? Does seo it can only be done by the masters of seo course? Whether a newcomer to the world of SEO will always be defeated by the masters of seo?
For myself seo is quite simple, which makes the complicated theories and techniques of 'eccentric' that sometimes it even plunge the beginner in the seo, theory and technique that sometimes even at the expense of the SEOers itself.
SEO in my opinion it is quite easy and fun, both beginners and masters have the same opportunity in seo. For me personally the primary key consists of 4 things seo, seo that during the four keys I use in optimizing websites and blogs that I have, if keempate 'foundation' is already more powerful then the optimization will be easier. 

1. Website Quality
The main key in seo is the website itself, the website which I mean to be purely based websites or blogs, forums etc, but the key is the website has a good reputation in the eyes of search engines such as websites that you have indexed properly by search engines , is not exposed to penalties from search engines, having a good Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank is good, quickly accessible and so on. If the internal side of the website is good then the other 3 will be much easier to run.
Make your website is always required, needed and continue to be needed, if your website is purely a website that displays static information (eg website company profile) then Post the latest update information about the company on a regular basis, job information, portfolio companies, etc., but if the blog-based content that make it fresh and up to date according to the niche / topic of your blog, this is so that your website visitors are always 'miss' want to go back to your website. 

2. Content Quality
Once you have a great site then the next is the content or materials that are within the website itself, in this case I focused on writing articles or ... make the content really is addressed to your visitor, not the garbage that only target a specific keyword, remember! Google era is now Panda, if you provide content that is less or even not qualified at all then it will be more difficult to compete in search engines, especially Google.
Creating quality content is quite easy anyway, just remember the formula "5W + 1H" so that readers of the writing on the website you will actually get the information from the article, but if your website has a different base, such as website / blog based website photos then of optimization different from the writing, but in essence is provide quality content, useful for your website visitors and make them feel at home visiting your website. 

3. Speed ​​Post Content
I once created seo techniques titled "SEO Techniques Faster Better" on my blog earlier version, which the key is to compete in the search engines then you need speed in writing FRESH post, this applies particularly to the blog-based websites ... as ie for example when this is fresh news aka Fresh is a re-entry of foreign films to Indonesia after being blocked by the government, now one of the long-awaited movie is the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which is the last edition of Harry Potter films. While still fresh then you can take advantage of this news, you can make a film reviewer, your opinion is the fair about this film, etc., so you can be 'sprayed' traffic, especially if you already post them in advance and when the news was 'hot' then your chances become greater in the top 10 SERP can even be a champion in the SERP.
Then how to pure static websites? Same concept, namely FAST (and appropriate), for example, there is a new online business was born in Indonesia, using analysis of whether you want to join the online business, if yes then as soon as possible to join and you can create a website that aims to dummy landing page or website for the online business, so you're ahead of your competitors and much more likely to dominate the first SERP. 

4. Quality Back Links
Link back commonly known as backlinks, the more quality backlinks that your website will get, the better it in the eyes of search engines.
For me a quality backlink is a backlink from a quality website, that website OR web page has a pagerank + the same material with content, remember! one of the keys is RELEVANCE back links, the more relevant source and destination pages backlinks backlinks then the better.
All four of the above is (I briefly became: WKKT) which I think is key to seo, indeed there are many other factors such as hosting, update frequency, keyword density etc. but basically it is not the point:) Well there is one more question unanswered, ie "Are there any secrets of seo?", secret or not is based on your own personal experience, because seo takes experience, when you are not familiar with one of the seo techniques will be impressed by the 'secret' but if you already know it is no longer a secret for you ... because that seo takes experience, and everyone has different experiences in seo, and even different websites / blogs different optimization techniques ... and that's what makes SEO more interesting

ref :

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President termiskin di dunia (Teladan)

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Pernah tidak anda berpikiran untuk memiliki Presidet yang bijak dan sayang rakyat, anda mungkin perlu membaca artikel ini.

Presiden Iran saat ini: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ketika di wawancara oleh TV Fox (AS) soal kehidupan pribadinya:

"Saat anda melihat di cermin setiap pagi, apa yang anda katakan pada diri anda?"
Jawabnya: "Saya melihat orang di cermin itu dan mengatakan padanya:
"Ingat, kau tak lebih dari seorang pelayan, hari di depanmu penuh dengan tanggung jawab yang berat, yaitu melayani bangsa Iran ."

Berikut adalah gambaran Ahmadinejad yang belum tentu orang ketahui, dan pastiyang membuat orang ternganga dan terheran-heran :

1. Saat pertama kali menduduki kantor kepresidenan, Ia menyumbangkan seluruh karpet Istana Iran yang sangat tinggi nilainya itu kepada masjid2 di Teheran dan menggantikannya dengan karpet biasa yang mudah dibersihkan.

2. Ia mengamati bahwa ada ruangan yang sangat besar untuk menerima dan menghormati tamu VIP, lalu ia memerintahkan untuk menutup ruang tersebut dan menanyakan pada protokoler untuk menggantinya dengan ruangan biasa dengan 2 kursi kayu, meski sederhana tetap terlihat impresive.

3. Di banyak kesempatan ia bercengkerama dengan petugas kebersihan di sekitar rumah dan kantor kepresidenannya.

4. Di bawah kepemimpinannya, saat ia meminta menteri2 nya untuk datang kepadanya dan menteri2 tsb akan menerima sebuah dokumen yang ditandatangani yang berisikan arahan2 darinya, arahan tersebut terutama sekali menekankan para menteri2nya untuk tetap hidup sederhana dan disebutkan bahwa rekening pribadi maupun kerabat dekatnya akan diawasi, sehingga pada saat menteri2 tsb berakhir masa jabatannya dapat meninggalkan kantornya dengan kepala tegak.

5. Langkah pertamanya adalah ia mengumumkan kekayaan dan propertinya yang terdiri dari Peugeot 504, sebuah rumah sederhana warisan ayahnya 40 tahun yang lalu di sebuah daerah kumuh di Teheran. Rekening banknya bersaldo minimum, dan satu2nya uang masuk adalah uang gaji bulanannya.

6. Gajinya sebagai dosen di sebuah universitas hanya senilai US$ 250.

7. Sebagai tambahan informasi, Presiden masih tinggal di rumahnya. Hanya itulah yang dimilikinyaseorang presiden dari negara yang penting baik secara strategis, ekonomis, politis, belum lagi secara minyak dan pertahanan. Bahkan ia tidak mengambil gajinya, alasannya adalah bahwa semua kesejahteraan adalah milik negara dan ia bertugas untuk menjaganya.

8. Satu hal yang membuat kagum staf kepresidenan adalah tas yg selalu dibawa sang presiden tiap hari selalu berisikan sarapan; roti isi atau roti keju yang disiapkan istrinya dan memakannya dengan gembira, ia juga menghentikan kebiasaan menyediakan makanan yang dikhususkan untuk presiden.

tahun 1977,

9. Hal lain yang ia ubah adalah kebijakan Pesawat Terbang Kepresidenan, ia mengubahnya menjadi pesawat kargo sehingga dapat menghemat pajak masyarakat dan untuk dirinya, ia meminta terbang dengan pesawat terbang biasa dengan kelas ekonomi.

10. Ia kerap mengadakan rapat dengan menteri2 nya untuk mendapatkan info tentang kegiatan dan efisiensi yang sudah dilakukan, dan ia memotong protokoler istana sehingga menteri2 nya dapat masuk langsung ke ruangannya tanpa ada hambatan. Ia juga menghentikan kebiasaan upacara2 seperti karpet merah, sesi foto, atau publikasi pribadi, atau hal2 seperti itu saat mengunjungi berbagai tempat di negaranya.

11. Saat harus menginap di hotel, ia meminta diberikan kamar tanpa tempat tidur yg tidak terlalu besar, karena ia tidak suka tidur di atas kasur, tetapi lebih suka tidur di lantai beralaskan karpet dan selimut.

Apakah perilaku tersebut merendahkan posisi presiden?
Presiden Iran tidur di ruang tamu rumahnya sesudah lepas dari pengawal2nya yg selalu mengikuti kemanapun ia pergi. Menurut koran Wifaq, foto2 yg diambil oleh adiknya tersebut,
kemudian dipublikasikan oleh media masa di seluruh dunia, termasuk amerika.

12. Sepanjang sholat, anda dapat melihat bahwa ia tidak duduk di baris paling muka

13. Bahkan ketika suara azan berkumandang, ia langsung mengerjakan sholat dimanapun ia berada meskipun hanya beralaskan karpet biasa

14. baru-baru ini dia baru saja mempunyai Hajatan Besar Yaitu Menikahkan Puteranya. Tapi pernikahan putra Presiden ini hanya layaknya pernikahan kaum Buruh. Berikut dokumentasi pernikahan Putra Seorang Presiden

sebegitu sederhanakah dia?

Harapan kita semua memiliki President seperti di atas, dia hidup seperti rakyat dan makan seperti rakyatnya, bukan sebagai atasan yang rakus. semoga para pejabat kita bisa berkiblat pada president ini.....!!!!!

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Inject Keylogger Tanpa Menyentuh Komputer Korban

Posted in 18 August 2011
by DareDeviL

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

capek juga nulis blog seharian, okeee...kali saya mau bagi ilmu yang saya dapat dari komputer orang ini, nggak tau juga siapa pemilikinya yang penting bisa selancar terus. ini trik digunakan untuk memasang keylogger ke komputer orang lain tanpa harus bermaindi komputer korban, kali ini saya menggunakan Linux untuk melancarkan aksi saya...

OK deh langsung aja, tanpa basa basi..

Peralatannya adalah :

Angry IP Scanner (Buat scanning ipaddress)

Nmap (Buat nyecan Port2 yg kebuka n nyecen OS korban sekalian)

Metasploit (Sangat penting buat exploitnya)

1. Pertama buka angryipscanner, pilih netmasknya yg 24 ajee,,pokoknya disesuain aja sama lokasinya dimana,,hahhaha,,kalo sekedar hostpot area doang yg model model kayak di mol mol mah 24 ajeee...lalu liat ip address kita dilaptop atau komputer yang ada wifinya..dan lakukan scanning dari 0 s/d 255, maka akan muncul gambar kayak gini :

nah gambar diatas itu yg warna biru berati komputernya lagi idup alias lagi nyala.

2. Buka nmap dan lakukan scanning port dan OS korban dengan perintah sudo nmap -O ipkorban, seperti gambar berikut:

liat deh ituhh,,ternyata doi pake windows XP,,hehhehe,,hajar bleeeehhhhhh....sampe keakar2nya bikin intall ulang dalem hitungan detik...Ouuppppsss jangan dungggsss, kan ini tutorialnya tentang ngerekam keyboard buat dapetin password,,hhehheh,,,Oiya yaaaa...lanjuttt blleeehhh..

3. Mulailah exploit, buka applikasinya msfgui,,tekan keyboard Alt+F2 dan ketik ?msfgui? setelah kebuka dan Start, pilih ?ms08_067_netapi? di Exploit>windows>smb> , seperti gambar berikut ini:

4. Maka akan keluar jendela pilihan OS targetnya, pilihlah ?Automatic Targeting?, seperti gambar berikut ini:

5. Lalu scrool kebawah dan pilih ?Meterpreter>bind_tcp? , seperti gambar berikut ini:

6. Lalu scrool kebawah lagi dan masukan ipaddress target di kolom ?RHOST? , seperti gambar berikut ini:

Lalu scrool ke paling bawah ada tombol, Exploit, tekan aja ituh,,,

7. Maka akan keluar jendela seperti ini di tab ?Session?, seperti gambar dibawah ini:

8. Lalu klik kanan itu dan pilih Monitor>Start KeyLogger, seperti gambar dibawah ini:

9. Maka akan keluar path tempat penyimpanan log nya berupa format ?txt? dikomputer kita, seperti gambar berikut ini:

coba perhatikan yg Keystrokes being saved to bla bla bla,,itu adalah nama path lokasi penyimpanan lognya dikomputer pinguin kita. dan liat bacaan Recording,,itu berati ketukan keyboard korban sudah mulai di rekam oleh metasploit kita..hhehehe..Saatnya kita tungguin ajaaa dah,,setelah lama, kita tunggu, n udah gak sabar, setelah beberapa menit kita buka ajjeee tuh filenya, seperti gambar berikut ini:

10. Udah gak sabar nih, langsung aja buka,,lalu lakukan searching dengan menekan tombol Ctrl+F dengan memasukkan kata2 kunci yg biasanya bau bau enak, seperti,, ,, com, dll, maka akan keluar Insya Allah kayak gini broo:

huuuuft,,akhir selesai juga, ingat jangan lakukan aksi ini buat kejahatan. tapi lakukanlah buat kebajikan (emank ada). sekian dulu trik dari saya, dan tunggu postingan berikutnya yaa.....

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 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Legenda yang berkisah tentang “Atlantis”, pertama kali ditemui dalam karangan filsafat Yunani kuno:
Dua buah catatan dialog Plato (427-347 SM) yakni: buku Critias dan Timaeus.

Pada buku Timaeus, Plato berkisah: Di hadapan “Selat Mainstay Haigelisi, ada sebuah pulau yang sangat besar, dari sana kalian dapat pergi ke pulau lainnya, di depan pulau-pulau itu adalah seluruhnya daratan yang dikelilingi laut samudera, itu adalah kerajaan Atlantis. Ketika itu Atlantis baru akan melancarkan perang besar dengan Athena, namun di luar dugaan Atlantis tiba-tiba mengalami gempa bumi dan banjir, tidak sampai sehari semalam, tenggelam sama sekali di dasar laut. negara besar yang mempunyai peradaban tinggi itupun lenyap dalam semalam.“

Satu bagian dalam dialog buku Critias, tercatat kisah Atlantis yang dikisahkan oleh adik sepupu Critias.
Critias adalah murid dari ahli filsafat Socrates , tiga kali ia menekankan keberadaan Atlantis dalam dialog.Kisahnya berasal dari cerita lisan Joepe yaitu moyang lelaki Critias, sedangkan Joepe juga mendengarnya dari seorang penyair Yunani bernama Solon ( 639-559 SM). Solon adalah yang paling bijaksana di antara 7 mahabijak Yunani kuno, suatu kali ketika Solon berkeliling Mesir, dari tempat pemujaan makam leluhur mengetahui legenda Atlantis. Catatan dalam dialog, secara garis besar seperti berikut ini:

“Ada sebuah daratan raksasa di atas Samudera Atlantik arah barat Laut Tengah yang sangat jauh, yang bangga dengan peradabannya yang menakjubkan. Ia menghasilkan emas dan perak yang tak terhitung banyaknya: istana dikelilingi oleh tembok emas dan dipagari oleh dinding perak. Dinding tembok dalam istana bertakhtakan emas,cemerlang dan megah. Di sana, tingkat perkembangan peradabannya memukau orang. Memiliki pelabuhan dan kapal dengan perlengkapan yang sempurna, juga ada benda yang bisa membawa orang terbang. Kekuasaannya tidak hanya terbatas di Eropa, bahkan jauh sampai daratan Afrika. Setelah dilanda gempa dahsyat,tenggelamlah ia ke dasar laut beserta peradabannya, juga hilang dalam ingatan orang-orang.“

ATLANTIS digambarkan sebagai peradaban dengan tingkat kemajuan teknologi yang tinggi.Konon,Pesawat Terbang,Pendingin ruangan,batu baterai,dll telah ada pada masa itu
Penyelidikan Arkeolog
Menurut perhitungan versi Plato, waktu tenggelamnya kerajaan Atlantis, kurang lebih 11.150 tahun silam. Plato pernah beberapa kali mengatakan, keadaan kerajaan Atlantis diceritakan turun-temurun. Sama sekali bukan rekaannya sendiri. Plato bahkan pergi ke Mesir minta petunjuk biksu dan rahib terkenal setempat waktu itu. Guru Plato yaitu Socrates ketika membicarakan tentang kerajaan Atlantis juga menekankan, karena hal itu adalah nyata, nilainya jauh lebih kuat dibanding kisah yang direkayasa.

Jika semua yang diutarakan Plato memang benar-benarnyata, maka sejak 12.000 tahun silam, manusia sudah menciptakan peradaban. Namun di manakah kerajaan Atlantis itu? Sejak ribuan tahun silam orang-orang menaruh minat yang sangat besar terhadap hal ini. Hingga abad ke-20 sejak tahun 1960-an, laut Bermuda yang terletak di bagian barat Samudera Atlantik, di kepulauan Bahama, dan laut di sekitar kepulauan Florida pernah berturut-turut diketemukan keajaiban yang menggemparkan dunia.

*Suatu hari di tahun 1968, kepulauan Bimini di sekitar Samudera Atlantik di gugusan Pulau Bahama, laut tenang dan bening bagaikan kaca yang terang, tembus pandang hingga ke dasar laut. Beberapa penyelam dalam perjalanan kembali ke kepulauan Bimini, tiba-tiba ada yang menjerit kaget. Di dasar laut ada sebuah jalan besar! Beberapa penyelam secara bersamaan terjun ke bawah, ternyata memang ada sebuah jalan besar membentang tersusun dari batu raksasa. Itu adalah sebuah jalan besar yang dibangun dengan menggunakan batu persegi panjang dan poligon, besar kecilnya batu dan ketebalan tidak sama, namun penyusunannya sangat rapi, konturnya cemerlang. Apakah ini merupakan jalan posnya kerajaan Atlantis?

*Awal tahun ‘70-an, sekelompok peneliti telah tiba di sekitar kepulauan Yasuel, Samudera Atlantik. Mereka telah mengambil inti karang dengan mengebor pada kedalaman 800 meter di dasar laut, atas ungkapan ilmiah, tempat itu memang benar-benar sebuah daratan pada 12.000 tahun silam. Kesimpulan yang ditarik atas dasar teknologi ilmu pengetahuan, begitu mirip seperti yang dilukiskan Plato! Namun, apakah di sini tempat tenggelamnya kerajaan Atlantis?

*Tahun 1974, sebuah kapal peninjau laut Uni Soviet telah membuat 8 lembar foto yang jika disarikan membentuk sebuah bangunan kuno mahakarya manusia! Apakah ini dibangun oleh orang Atlantis?

*Tahun 1979, ilmuwan Amerika dan Perancis dengan peranti instrumen yang sangat canggih menemukan piramida di dasar laut “segitiga maut” laut Bermuda. Panjang piramida kurang lebih 300 meter, tinggi kurang lebih 200 meter, puncak piramida dengan permukaan samudera hanya berjarak 100 meter, lebih besar dibanding piramida Mesir. Bagian bawah piramida terdapat dua lubang raksasa, air laut dengan kecepatan yang menakjubkan mengalir di dasar lubang.

Piramida besar ini, apakah dibangun oleh orang-orang Atlantis? Pasukan kerajaan Atlan pernah menaklukkan Mesir, apakah orang Atlantis membawa peradaban piramida ke Mesir? Benua Amerika juga terdapat piramida, apakah berasal dari Mesir atau berasal dari kerajaan Atlantis?

*Tahun 1985, dua kelasi Norwegia menemukan sebuah kota kuno di bawah areal laut “segitiga maut”. Pada foto yang dibuat oleh mereka berdua, ada dataran, jalan besar vertikal dan horizontal serta lorong, rumah beratap kubah, gelanggang aduan (binatang), kuil,bantaran sungai dll. Mereka berdua mengatakan: “Mutlak percaya, yang kami temukan adalah Benua Atlantik! Sama persis seperti yang dilukiskan Plato!” Benarkah itu?

Yang disayangkan, piramida dasar laut segitiga Bermuda, berhasil diselidiki dari atas permukaan laut dengan menggunakan instrumen canggih, hingga kini belum ada seorang pun ilmuwan dapat memastikan apakah sebuah bangunan yang benar-benar dibangun oleh tenaga manusia, sebab mungkin saja sebuah puncak gunung bawah air yang berbentuk limas.

Foto peninggalan bangunan kuno di dasar laut yang diambil tim ekspedisi Rusia, juga tidak dapat membuktikan di sana adalah bekas tempat kerajaan Atlantis. Setelah itu ada tim ekspedisi menyelam ke dasar samudera jalan batu di dasar lautan Atlantik Pulau Bimini, mengambil sampel “jalan batu” dan dilakukan penelitian laboratorium serta dianalisa.
Hasilnya menunjukkan, bahwa jalan batu ini umurnya belum mencapai 10.000 tahun. Jika jalan ini dibuat oleh bangsa kerajaan Atlantis, setidak-tidaknya tidak kurang dari 10.000 tahun. Mengenai foto yang ditunjukkan kedua kelasi Norwegia itu, hingga kini pun tidak dapat membuktikan apa-apa.

Satu-satunya kesimpulan tepat yang dapat diperoleh adalah benar ada sebuah daratan yang karam di dasar laut Atlantik. Jika memang benar di atas laut Atlantik pernah ada kerajaan Atlantis, dan kerajaan Atlantis memang benar tenggelam di dasar laut Atlantik, maka di dasar laut Atlantik pasti dapat ditemukan bekas-bekasnya. Hingga saat ini, kerajaan Atlantis tetap merupakan sebuah misteri sepanjang masa.
Pernah sekitar thn 2003 lalu, nonton acara di Metro TV yang judulnya Ultimate 10,pada saat itu membahas 10 Tempat Paling Misterius di Dunia,dan ternyata Atlantis duduk pada urutan pertama diatas Misteri Segitiga Bermuda dan Danau Loch (baca artikelku sebelumnya).Dari situ aq baru tahu,klo Atlantis memang Tempat Misterius nomor satu yang membuat orang-orang di dunia penasaran setengah mati.Pada saat penayangan Atlantis,diputar sebuah film dokumenter mengenai pelacakan benua yang hilang tersebut oleh para tim arkeolog.Dan benar,dari apa yang aq saksikan didasar laut perairan dangkal Karibia ditemukan semacam jalan setapak yang sangat panjang dengan struktur yang sangat modern.Selain itu,diperairan tsb juga ditemukan semacam bekas-bekas bangunan yang telah hancur!ya amplop,benarkah benua Atlantis itu pernah ada sebelumnya?

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