Posted in 20 August 2011
by DareDeviL

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

if you need an explanation about SEO please refer to the fine article, Search Engine aka search engine on the Internet is one of the media campaign that is very profitable, by using search engines then your product can be found by Internet users seeking information related to product you. To maximize the promotion on search engines, there is a technique that can optimize the search results to your website so your website more easily found and can certainly increase traffic to your website which can be converted into sales and profit, the technique called Search Engine Optimization, or commonly abbreviated to SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of optimizing a website in search engines (search engines), so that the website / blog and optimized maximum benefit from the optimization results.
Doing SEO Advantages A question arises, "then what good did it do in search engine optimization?" The answer is because in general as much as up to 90% of blog visits originate from search engines so that search engines are so beneficial to get traffic without spending a huge cost.
For example say you have a website selling ebooks about online business tricks, then you use the way campaigns use the banner in classified ad sites with a monthly fee of Rp 1.000.000, - (1 million rupiah), and from the banner you managed to bring in 1,000 visitors per month that where on average every 5% of reservation requests and payment transactions, aka 50 people. If the price of the ebook USD 100,000 thousand dollars that month then you generate 50 transactions x Rp 100,000, - = Rp 5.000.000, - then your profit is: 5 million - 1 million = 4 million per month.
By performing search engine optimization we can bring in 1000 visitors (even more) by issuing a relatively small capital. Imagine if the promotional use of banners and use seo then the profit would be multiplied together:)
Types of Search Engine Optimization To perform the optimization there are two factors: internal factors (the web) and external factors (outside the web). For internal factors do optimization methods such as by making the design / look good and user friendly and quickly accessible, taking into account the alias keyword density keyword density on the article, removing links error on the blog, use appropriate fonts for each usability (eg in the header H1, H2 in the title of the article) and so on. For ways can be done externally by creating and publishing fast and hot topics being sought by the public on the Internet, increase links, promotions, etc. reproduce.
Sign on the first page of search engines, or better yet become the first in the keywords that are sought after by people is a distinct advantage, because usually the search engine users will click on the top search results so that the visit will be a lot coming from there.
Me and SEO SEO is one of the "subjects" of my favorites on the internet, if the calculated I spent about a dozen million dollars to research and learn the techniques of seo, the result? must satisfy two times I attended the biggest seo contest in the country is on SEO Contest-hosted by Joko Susilo and SEO Contest organized by, thank God I always get into the top 10 list of winners from approximately 1000an participants, the results I obtained the prize sponsor of the parties, be it cash, ebook, vouchers and course reputation:)
Sciences seo course I apply to do business online, blogs and stalls that I have most of my optimizations so that it can compete in search engines so that it can reduce the cost of promotion is far cheaper to bring visiter and of course bring profit.
Until now, seo is interesting because from what I know, there are hundreds of Google's algorithms that determine the position of our blog in the SERP (search engine result page) aka rankings on search engines, but Google also frequently make changes to the algorithm so that there is a challenge for perform search engine optimization on Google.