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Posted in 20 August 2011
by DareDeviL

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?Based on, SEO is a series of processes carried out systematically aimed at improving the volume and quality of traffic through search engines to visit certain web sites by utilizing the mechanism of action or the search engine algorithms. The goal of SEO is to place a website on top position, or at least the first page of search results based on certain keywords that are targeted. Logically, the websites that occupy the top positions on search results has a better chance to get visitors.

Along with the growing use of Internet as a medium business networks, the need for SEO also increased. Being at the top of search results will increase the chances of a web-based marketing firm to get new customers. This opportunity is utilized a number of parties to offer search engine optimization services for companies that have a base of business on the internet.
the process of optimizing the amount of traffic to your website through search results.The point is this: the majority of people, starting a process of exploration in cyberspace through Search Engines such as Google. Suppose you want to look for answers on "how to change the features of wordpress to blog comment thread as the forum". What do you do? chances are that you do is:
   1. Opening
   2. mengketikkan keyword "changed comment to the thread" in the search box
   3. Clicking the box "search"
   4. voila, 10 links to dozens of pages of search results from the search appear in front of you.
   5. Then, you also menilih link with a description of the most suitable for you from the tenth google link provided, then mengkilik link.
   6. If no matching search results, you will click on the link "next" or start a new search with different keywords.

Well here is the role of SEO. because most people usually only open the first page or a maximum of up to five search page, simply put, SEO is the attempt made displays web pages in the first page of search results.Then, Why SEO Become Important?The majority of Internet users are still using the same pattern with which I mentioned above: Do a search through the search engines as a beginning exploration of the data in the realm of the internet and started down the link after link to websites that displayed by the search results page (SERP - Search Engine Result Page). Cultural phenomenon of the use of these search engines do not create a reality that can not be denied that appear on the first page for keywords that are often searched together with an abundance of traffic.
Not SEO and SEOalmost all the people who are new to the world nyemplung SEO - SEO is simply equated with getting a # 1 ranking for a website on Google.But the real SEO is much broader than that. There are three main steps in the SEO process:

1. Like any other business, you must define and identify your target audience (target market). Here you not only specify the purpose of making a website and describes the audience profile, but also monitor the competition / competition and evaluate what is needed in order to 'dominate' a particular sector or niche that you are applying.
2. You perform the steps necessary to make your website get the highest possible ranking in search engines for key words (keywords) are frequently used target audience of the website. This step includes the things you have done to the site itself (if you create a new website should make sure that the site is search engine friendly from the start). Then this step also includes various activities off-site which aims to create another website to link to your website.
3. You monitor the development of your website in search engines is constantly or continuously and perform various adjustments on SEO strategies in times of need.
It should be noted that SEO is not an online activity aimed at generating traffic / visitors (or promote) your website. Strange with this statement? Try to understand again.

What is NOT SEO

* Online advertising (online advertising), which is to buy promotion to get traffic from other sites is NOT SEO. This is a promotional site (site promotion) even though the purchased promotional link may help in the search engine rankings.
* Public relations (press releases, advertisements in mass media, a review of the blog) is NOT SEO. Again this is a promotional site, which might generate links to your site.
* Create a website that exploits a weakness in the search engine algorithms in order to be ranked # 1 for selected keywords in a short time is NOT SEO. This is search engine spamming, which I will not discuss further.
* SEO is not a trick to get so many thousands of visitors to your site within 24 hours.
* SEO is not always free - several effective SEO techniques would cost.
* Making books and e-book and give it away free to visitors of your site is NOT SEO.
But most of the activities above SEO CAN NOT be part of SEO strategy if you want to do it that way. Do not forget that SEO itself is generally one part of a larger strategy to promote your site. Separate and understand more promotional activity other than activity if you are a professional SEO.

Search Engines IndexAlthough it is important to understand how search engines 'read' a website and store it in the index, for us SEO experts are more relevant to know how to keep our site can be listed in the search engine index.There is only one way 'right' to our website quickly indexed, and how it is:Got a link / links from other websites that point to our website (make link building).The way that "not true" is; using the registration form (inclusion / submission form) on the search engines, using software that "guarantee" your web site listed in search engines, pay for spammers who offer services for your website listed in 100 + search engine ...Overall it was a waste of time and cost. Avoid these ways, and do not use the submission form on the search engines.Why?Because making your site indexed by search engines is easy IF you know how.And what do I get links from other sites?There are several ways to get links to your website easily and for free (many more ways if you want to exit costs) where the new site will be indexed in Google within 2-4 days since the first online and in a matter of hours or even minutes after receiving link.Note: At the end of this SEO guide you will find many articles about link building at the launch phase of a new web site. To understand the search engine and get the best inbound links to your site, know one thing; 

Crawling FrequencyCrawling is a term used to describe the behavior of the bot / search engine spiders (bots short for robot) is a computer program that serves to 'read' site. Robots or 'spider' harness is a link to move from one site to another - that's why you need a link to your site.Crawling frequency is the value that states how often a site 'read' by search engines. This frequency depends on several factors, but there are two main factors you should consider:

1. Freshness / freshness (how often the site content is updated)
2. Site importance (how many links are linking to the site)
If you get links from sites that is updated frequently, it could be assured that links to your site will be quickly found by the "spider" and of course the result of your site indexed is a popular site for professional bloggers - updated every day and have tens of thousands of links linking to it from various websites and other blogs.Just one of link to your site will make the search engine robots soon discover the existence of your site.

Another example:Article direcory such as are usually updated several times a day (with many new articles are uploaded every day) and had thousands of incoming links (inbound links). Send an article to directories like that (and done correctly) will make your site indexed quickly.There are many free or paid software that makes article submission to hundreds of article directories on the internet. By submitting articles, you not only get quality links from article directories, but also there is the possibility of other sites will pick up and load your article, which result is more of links 'pointing' your site.Examples of pay:Yahoo Directory ( is an online directory. Fare pairs of links in that directory for $ 299/tahun, certainly not a low cost for most of us.The advantage is worth the price. Listed in Yahoo Directory (the process takes a week - because you are on-site review was) not only ensures that your site indexed in all search engines, your site's ranking on the search page will also boost (especially in Yahoo, which also lists the directory contents on their search results pages and give more priority to the sites listed in that directory).