4 best SEO tips and tricks

Posted in 20 August 2011
by DareDeviL

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 SEO is an interesting thing to run, because doing website optimization for search engines to compete in a challenge for SEOers.
So many seo techniques are scattered on the internet, ranging from seo techniques that are truly powerful until seo myths are still believed and practiced by most netter ...
So what is the real key to seo it? Are there any secrets in it? Does seo it can only be done by the masters of seo course? Whether a newcomer to the world of SEO will always be defeated by the masters of seo?
For myself seo is quite simple, which makes the complicated theories and techniques of 'eccentric' that sometimes it even plunge the beginner in the seo, theory and technique that sometimes even at the expense of the SEOers itself.
SEO in my opinion it is quite easy and fun, both beginners and masters have the same opportunity in seo. For me personally the primary key consists of 4 things seo, seo that during the four keys I use in optimizing websites and blogs that I have, if keempate 'foundation' is already more powerful then the optimization will be easier. 

1. Website Quality
The main key in seo is the website itself, the website which I mean to be purely based websites or blogs, forums etc, but the key is the website has a good reputation in the eyes of search engines such as websites that you have indexed properly by search engines , is not exposed to penalties from search engines, having a good Google Pagerank, Alexa Rank is good, quickly accessible and so on. If the internal side of the website is good then the other 3 will be much easier to run.
Make your website is always required, needed and continue to be needed, if your website is purely a website that displays static information (eg website company profile) then Post the latest update information about the company on a regular basis, job information, portfolio companies, etc., but if the blog-based content that make it fresh and up to date according to the niche / topic of your blog, this is so that your website visitors are always 'miss' want to go back to your website. 

2. Content Quality
Once you have a great site then the next is the content or materials that are within the website itself, in this case I focused on writing articles or ... make the content really is addressed to your visitor, not the garbage that only target a specific keyword, remember! Google era is now Panda, if you provide content that is less or even not qualified at all then it will be more difficult to compete in search engines, especially Google.
Creating quality content is quite easy anyway, just remember the formula "5W + 1H" so that readers of the writing on the website you will actually get the information from the article, but if your website has a different base, such as website / blog based website photos then of optimization different from the writing, but in essence is provide quality content, useful for your website visitors and make them feel at home visiting your website. 

3. Speed ​​Post Content
I once created seo techniques titled "SEO Techniques Faster Better" on my blog earlier version, which the key is to compete in the search engines then you need speed in writing FRESH post, this applies particularly to the blog-based websites ... as ie for example when this is fresh news aka Fresh is a re-entry of foreign films to Indonesia after being blocked by the government, now one of the long-awaited movie is the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 which is the last edition of Harry Potter films. While still fresh then you can take advantage of this news, you can make a film reviewer, your opinion is the fair about this film, etc., so you can be 'sprayed' traffic, especially if you already post them in advance and when the news was 'hot' then your chances become greater in the top 10 SERP can even be a champion in the SERP.
Then how to pure static websites? Same concept, namely FAST (and appropriate), for example, there is a new online business was born in Indonesia, using analysis of whether you want to join the online business, if yes then as soon as possible to join and you can create a website that aims to dummy landing page or website for the online business, so you're ahead of your competitors and much more likely to dominate the first SERP. 

4. Quality Back Links
Link back commonly known as backlinks, the more quality backlinks that your website will get, the better it in the eyes of search engines.
For me a quality backlink is a backlink from a quality website, that website OR web page has a pagerank + the same material with content, remember! one of the keys is RELEVANCE back links, the more relevant source and destination pages backlinks backlinks then the better.
All four of the above is (I briefly became: WKKT) which I think is key to seo, indeed there are many other factors such as hosting, update frequency, keyword density etc. but basically it is not the point:) Well there is one more question unanswered, ie "Are there any secrets of seo?", secret or not is based on your own personal experience, because seo takes experience, when you are not familiar with one of the seo techniques will be impressed by the 'secret' but if you already know it is no longer a secret for you ... because that seo takes experience, and everyone has different experiences in seo, and even different websites / blogs different optimization techniques ... and that's what makes SEO more interesting

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